My dog's stomach always hurts when I feed them human food. How is your food different? 

Your dog could be allergic to the table scraps you are feeding them. My own dog is allergic to chicken which took months to figure out. 

Human food is also extremely calorie dense compared to big brand dog food. Giving them too much at once could be more than their stomach can process 

Where is your food manufactured? 

All of our food is made in house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

What is the Pouch? How long does the pouch last? 

The pouch is called a retort pouch.The ingredients of the pouch will last up to one year. 

How can the pouch have meat in it and not expire? 

The pouch is cooked through a pressure cooker which removes all of the oxygen. This creates a shelf stable product that does not go bad or require refrigeration. 

A pouch was wrinkled when i opened it. Is that ok? 

In the cooking process the pouches have variability to shrink and expand, potentially causing wrinkles. 

A pouch was already opened when it arrived, can I still feed it to my dog? 

The ingredients are real meat and vegetables, although they are thoroughly cooked, they can still go back quickly once opened. If any pouches you received were ripped, please send us an email at support@betterlifedogfood.com and we will send new pouches immediately.