My dog's stomach always hurts when I feed them human food. How is your food different? 

When dogs experience stomach discomfort after consuming human food, it is often because their digestive system is not accustomed to the ingredients and the high caloric content.

We carefully formulate our recipes to be easy on dogs' stomachs, and we have a special process that helps dogs adjust to our food gradually.Where is your food manufactured? 

Where is your food made? 

All of our food is made in house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

How can the pack have meat in it and not expire? 

We employ a freeze-drying technique for our food, which has been proven to preserve the nutrients in the meat and vegetables while also creating convenient, shelf-stable pouches.

Are your meals formulated based on AAFCO nutrient profiles? 

Yes all of our full recipes are formulated using AAFCO nutrient profiles