My dogs stomach always hurts when I feed human food? 

Your dog will get an upset stomach eating human food because they have a sensitive stomach or because they have food allergies.

Human food is more calorie dense than traditional dog food so adding in human food too fast can cause upset tummies. 

My own dog Rey has a sensitive stomach and is allergic to a few different meats and we used tests from his stool and other dogs in combination with Dr Lauten to settle on Pork Loin as our main meat. 

Where is your food manufactured? 

We are incredibly proud to say that all of our food is manufactured in house in Fort Lauderdale Florida with our commercial grade equipment using all natural human grade food for our ingredients. 

What is the gold Pouch? How does the food not go bad? 

The gold pouch is called a retort pouch. The way a retort pouch works is raw ingredients go inside each bag the oxygen is removed and it is cooked under pressure for 90 minutes.

This process keeps all the vital nutrients inside the bag to make sure they get into your dogs stomach.