Every Order = 1 meal for a dog in a shelter

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    Packed with nutrients for your dogs optimal Health

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Our Mission

Provide optimal nutrition, through a delicious natural human grade topper

The Ugly Truth About Dog Food

The truth about big brand dog food is that its processed and cooked for more than 72 hours, killing essential vitamins and nutrients

A 2014 Oxford study on big brand dog food found the addition of vegetables and other human grade ingredients reduced the risk of certain cancers by 90%.

Our recipe is formulated with essential nutrients not found in big brand dog food. It keeps your pup at optimal health while being a delicious treat for your pup.

Dr. Susan Lauten

"I formulated the better life dog food recipe to focus on delivering key nutrients to your dog that big brand dog food dosent include"

- Dr. Lauten

Dr. Lauten is an animal lover who holds the following credentials

PhD- Biomedical Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Masters-Animal Nutrition, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Lets help dogs live better lives together! 

Dogs that need our Help!

Pictured is “Rufus”, a dog we met at the local shelter.

Realizing that these shelters were struggling with donations, we decided to utilize our company's profits to help dogs in need. 

We pledge to donate one human-grade meal and toy to our local shelter for every order sold. 

We have big dreams to make a massively positive impact in the lives of neglected dogs everywhere.