Human Grade Dog Food

Packed with nutrients that will be a delicious treat your dog will love


Our Mission

Provide the nutrition your dog needs for a long happy life, while helping dogs in need.

Why BetterLifeDogFood?

We use all natural human grade ingredients that are minimally processed and contain zero preservatives

Our meals:

- Do NOT need to be refirgerated

- Have a free toy in every order

- Free shipping

- Personal guide to transition your dog to human grade food free of stomach pain (free of charge)

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The Recipe

Our recipie was a combined effort with two dog food nutrionist and a food scientist to make sure your dog is getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

The ingredients are fit for even the healthiest of humans.

Pork Loin, sweet Potatoes, zucchini, brown rice, brussels sprouts, apples, spinach