Your Dogs Multi-Vitamin

Packed with nutrients for a better longer life.

While being a delicious treat that will have them sitting at their bowl licking their lips.

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Our Mission

Provide the nutrition your dog needs for a long happy life, while helping dogs in need.

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The Benefits

We all know that big brand dog food is seriously lacking nutrients, how can a bag of kibble that you have opened for months be as nutrient-filled as fresh meat and vegetables?

The process of making kibble requires cooking ingredients up to 72 hours. This kills key nurtients your dog need to thrive.

Our Topper was specifically formualted to add all these nutrinets back into your dogs diet.

Fresh meat and vegtables in a single serve pouch just add to your dogs current food and watch them enjoy.

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Nutrionist Dr. Susan Lauten

"I formulated the better life dog food recipe to focus on delivering key nutrients to your dog that big brand dog food dosent include"

- Dr. Lauten

PhD- Biomedical Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Masters-Animal Nutrition, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Lets help dogs live better lives together!

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