Your Dogs Mulit-Vitamin

Packed with nutrients while being the most delicous thing your dog will eat all day

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Our Mission

Provide the nutritoin your dog needs for a long happy life, while helping dogs in need.

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The Benefits

Big brand dog food is Seriously lacking in nutrients your dog needs to thrive.

How can a bag that sits open for months and never goes bad contain the same nutrients as a fresh meat & vegetables?

Our topper puts these vital nurtients back into your dogs diet.

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Nutrionist Dr. Susan Lauten

"I formulated the better life dog food recipe to focus on delivering key nutrients to your dog that big brand dog food dosent include"

- Dr. Lauten

Dr. Lauten is an animal lover who holds the following credentials

PhD- Biomedical Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Masters-Animal Nutrition, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Lets help dogs live better lives together!

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