Better Life Dog Food

The truths of " Dog Food"

Have you ever looked at your dog's food and thought "what is this actually made of?"

It's puzzling that something labeled."Chicken Recipe" or " Beef Meal"

Defies all laws of nature and doesn't go bad sitting in the corner of your house wide open for MONTHS!

I challenge anyone to leave chicken in their FRIDGE! for a month!

What about the fact that Dog food can cost as little as .30 cents per pound; yet go to your local supermarket and chicken is 3-4 dollars per pound?

Do you see what we are getting at here?

Dog food isn't what it claims to be and is seriously lacking in a lot of vital nutrients.

Renown Nutrionist & Human Grade Food

TextAt longlife dog foods we are commited to one thing: Give your dog the longest fullest life through proper nutrtion!
How can we provide that to your four legged family member?  
A partnership with accredited animal nutrionist Dr. Susan Lauten. We worked tirelessly on developing a recipe that focused strictly on nutrients dogs are not getting from big brand "dog foods".
This recipe paired with nutrient dense human grade food that your dog has never experienced before. Will bring more life and energy into any dog.

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Together We Make A Difference

Our first priority is always your dogs health and well being.
We want to make a difference in your dog's life and less fortunate dogs across the country.
We've already started donating our time, toys, and treats to local rescues and human society.
The real goal is to help dogs like this find their furever home.

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We love pup pups and like to include them!

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