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Long life dog foods

Full Meal Replacement Two Week Supply

Full Meal Replacement Two Week Supply

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Full Meal Replacement

Two-Week Supply  

Traditional dog food consists of ingredients such as rotten meat and chicken feet that are very highly processed, which is why it never expires.

Switching to Better Life dog food, we have seen dogs lose weight, decrease urinary tract infections, and have healthier and shiner coats.

Our meals are formulated with your dog's health and happiness in mind. We are dedicated to delivering the most value to you- the dog owner, through our shelf-stable packaging, nutrient-packed recipe, and easy tear notch.

We provide shelf-stable pouches, depending on your dog's size will determine how many pouches your pupper will get, and don't worry, you will get feeding instructions as well.  

Whats included

100% Fresh human grade ingredients

Individual shelf stable pouches

Complimentary gift (treats or toy)

Easy transition guide


All Ingredients are Human Grade

- Pork Loin

- Beef Liver

- Egg

- Brussel Sprouts

- Spinach

- Zucchini

- Sweet Potato

- Brown Rice

- Red Apple

- Almonds

- Chia Seeds

- Sunflower Seeds

- Botanical Kelp

- Calcium Carbonate

- Zinc

- Iron


In your order you will recieve a detailed guide on how to introduce the food topper or the full replacment to your dogs diet.

Where Its Made

Better Life Dog Food products are 100% made in-house in our commercial kitchen located In Sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Helping Dogs In Need

Your support gives your dog the nutrirtion they need and allows us to provide meals and care for dogs in need, like Scooter here.

Our Founder

"I could not stand by and watch these huge dog food companies continute, to lie to dog owners everyday about what is actually inside kibble.

It is my lifes work, to dedicate this company to the science and research of helping our four-legged family members live longer."

- Nick Reed, CEO and Founder

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lauren Gonzalez
Love it

My dogs loves it, We haven’t seen her this excited over food EVER!

Pup Can’t get enough!!

My pup gnocchi devoured this topper in 5 seconds. Safe to say he is a big fan! I used it as a topper on top of his dry kibble, you can actually see the ingredients and very easy to open

susan johnson

Great product. Our dog loves it!

Carol Wagenbach
Addictively Delicious!

My fur baby has been gulping up every bit of this amazing dog food! He b-lines it to his bowl as soon as he hears me opening up the package lol… he also absolutely loves the toy that came with his order. Keep up the awesome work :)

Connie Diaz

Chewy can't get enough!