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Medium Dog Supplement Topper (25-65 Lbs) Pre-Orders Ship July 7th

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30 Pouches: 4-ounce Supplement topper.

Each golden pouch is jam-packed with savory tender chicken thighs and healthy vegetables cooked to perfection for your pup's ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Seeing the look in your dog's eyes when they see you open the pouch will be enough to convince you that this is the way to optimal health and happiness! Packed with nutrients to give your pup the love and life they deserve! 

We recommend feeding one pouch every other day or 1/2 a pouch a day. 



Fresh Human Grade Ingredients:


Chicken- Bell Pepper - Carrots - Snap Peas - Green Peas 


Free Gifts in Every Order:


Free Gifts in Every Order:


Plush toys: Your dog will still tear up in seconds, but hey at least its free this time.



BonesThat somehow magically disappear in five minutes. 


Treats: For your dogs to listen on the first try, not after 10 "sits".



Tug Of War Rope: For optimal Human and doggo playtime.

Health Benefits Of Adding Natural Topper


✅ Reduced Risk Of Cancer  

✅ Stronger Immune System 

✅ Reduced Inflammation 

✅ Improved Heart Health 

✅ Stronger Bones & Teeth 

✅ Better Life  




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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sally Reed
Better life dog food

Maui loves this food she will not eat unless this food is on her plate

Nick Reed
Rey is obsessed!

Ever since i started feeding Rey the Better Life Dog Food Topper he is not only more energetic and has a much softer coat he also listens to me on the first "sit" not the 8th.

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