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Large Dog Topper Two Week Supply (65+ Lbs)

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6-ounce Supplement topper

The Better Life Dog Food Topper is about 25% of your dog's daily caloric intake that is added to your dog's regular dog food wet or dry.  

 Better Life Dog Food Topper was formulated with your dog's health and happiness in mind. While your dog is getting most of its daily nutrients from kibble, a lot of nutrients are being left out. Dr. Susan Lauten formulated this recipe to give your dog all the nutrients they need to live their best pup life. 

What Makes Us The Best 

  • All-natural human-grade dog food 
  • Does not need to be refrigerated 
  • Does not need to be shipped overnight, which allows us to be 35% more affordable
  • Ingredients cooked inside the pouch retaining more nutrients

Health Benefits of Better Life Dog Topper 

  • 96% reduction in certain cancers
  • Moisture from fresh food --> Increase prevention of urinary problems usually caused by kibble
  • Heathier Bodyweight --> 20% increase in lifespan
  • Better Digestion --> Softer coat and less irritated skin
  • Improved Bone Health --> Decrease risk of fragile or broken bones



(Oxford Study, Reference Study)

One time order, you'll receive 

- 14 Pouches of our supplement topper 
- Free Snuffle Toys 

When you subscribe, you'll also receive 

- 14 Pouches of our supplement topper 
- Free Snuffle Toy 
- Free Subscription to Better Life Dog Alert System

Our pouches are shelf-stable products that DO NOT require valuable fridge or freezer space. They are individually sealed and cooked under low heat and pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria but retain more nutrients than conventional cooking. 


Each toy you receive FREE is a snuffle toy that can put kibble or treats inside. This is great for mental stimulation and studies have shown that 10 minutes of snuffle training is equal to a 1-hour walk for your dog. 
 12.99  Yours FREE

FREE Better Life Lost Dog Alert System 

A proprietary alert system that notifies everyone in your area when your dog escapes using social media advertisements 
(Setup through email after checkout)
14.99 Yours FREE


Where Its Made

The Better Life Dog Food Topper is 100% made in house in our commercial kitchen located In Sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida


- All Natural Pork Loin

- Carrots

- Green Beans

- Green Peas

- Red Peppers


We reccomend splitting the pouch half for breakfast and half for dinner for optimal health & happiness.

In your order you will also recieve a detailed guide on how to introduce the Better Life Dog Food Topper for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


Its FREE to anyone in the continetnal USA

Satisfaction Guarantee

If your dog dosent lick the bowl "dishwasher clean" we will send you your money back no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Loves it!! ❤️ Yummy (Reggie told me) 🙂

Reggie is pretty picky. I have tried other fresh foods to add healthier ingredients into his diet. He just sniffs and snubbs, but NOT this one, he devours his food and licks the bowl clean!!! Reggie gives his bark of approval!

Erica Poulin
Dishwasher clean bowl!

My dog Finn likes to eat but I’ve never seen a cleaner bowl than after I put this food topper on his kibble. Great quality product that my dog licked spotless and shiny! Don’t hesitate to give your pups the best right here!

Great product

Roscoe loved the topper with his dinner! When I put the bowl of food out in front of him he looked confused at first because usually there is only the plain old stuff in there day in and day out. Not this time, he scarfed it down and was looking for more! The quality of this product is great & I feel good giving it to my dog knowing he enjoyed it!

Lindsay L.
Our picky dog loved this topper!

I have the pickiest dog when it comes to food. I’ve tried several brands and more often than not my dog Ford doesn’t like the dog food I select. However, this time was different. He LOVED the better life dog food topper. As soon as I put the bowl down he was on top of it! It was also super easy to store since it didn’t require any refrigeration. And it came with a cute toy!! I don’t normally leave reviews but I feel compelled as the product is an 11/10. I highly recommend!!

Kara Boariu
Simply the best!!!

My dogs absolutely love these toppers! It is something I can give to them and feel really great about and know they are getting the best health and nutrition. Also love the company and their mission. True dog lover who truly cares about everyone’s pup! Highly recommend this high-quality product and would choose them over and over again!

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