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Long life dog foods

FREE Super Food Topper Sample

FREE Super Food Topper Sample

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3 Packs of Human Grade Super Food Topper  

Our Superfood Topper is packed with nutrient-rich foods with a recipe that has been meticulously crafted through years of research and development in collaboration with Ph.D. nutritionists, veterinarians, canine nutritionists, and food scientists.

With a daily one-scoop regimen, we ensure not only the perfect nutrient blend but also the efficient delivery of these essential elements to your dog. Our approach involves a gentle freeze-drying procedure, utilizing ingredients sourced exclusively from 100% human-grade whole food sources.

Whats included

100% Fresh human grade ingredients

Individual shelf stable pouches

Complimentary gift (treats or toy)

Easy transition guide


All Ingredients are Human Grade

- Pork Loin

- Beef Liver

- Egg

- Brussel Sprouts

- Spinach

- Zucchini

- Sweet Potato

- Brown Rice

- Red Apple

- Almonds

- Chia Seeds

- Sunflower Seeds

- Botanical Kelp

- Calcium Carbonate

- Zinc

- Iron


In your order you will recieve a detailed guide on how to introduce the food topper or the full replacment to your dogs diet.

Where Its Made

Better Life Dog Food products are 100% made in-house in our commercial kitchen located In Sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Your Dog's Health: Our Top Priority

Gut Health & Immune Support

Kefir and apples a probiotic and prebiotic combo fortify gut health while simultaneously strengthening your dog's immune system. This help ensure your dog is ready to fight off illness.

Whole Body Wellness
Ground beef, beef liver, egg, and almonds provide a comprehensive array of nutrients, supporting muscle development, organ function, and overall vitality.

Skin and Coat

Chia seeds, Eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, enhance skin and coat health, ensuring a glossy coat and healthy skin.

Joint Support
Unique ingredients, including bone broth and eggshell membrane, provide your dog with a valuable dose of glucosamine and collagen, two essential compounds that are not typically found in other whole food sources. This exceptional combination enhances your dog's joint health

Helping Dogs In Need

Your support not only enhances your dog's diets but also empowers us to make a positive difference in the lives of shelter dogs across the United States, just like buster here. .

Our Founder

My life's mission is to make high-quality nutrition accessible to dogs worldwide while also providing assistance to dogs in need

- Nick Reed, CEO and Founder

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
eveline bos
What a difference

I'm HankMousy a small 5 pound Chihuahua. I am hyper picky with food. And whatever my previous pre rescue situation was , sometimes I'm scared to eat. We found our way to Nick's food and I am in love with it !! I get it fed as a topper over my other human grade food and I'm gobbling down like never before. I'll be 6 pounds soon and I'll need to go on a diet , that's how much I love it. We soak in hot water and than mix in and I love it so much. It has also got rid of my poop issues during summer. Yes TMI but needs to be said poopies are looking so good now. This food is AWESOME. you can see the product, it smells good ,looks good and eats good. Very highly recommended.

Hayli Moore

FREE Sample Pack

Gari Schmidt
Better life dog food

My dogs love this and I am happy they are getting human grade food!!!

Rosanna Simone
Shih Tzu Approved!

My pup is typically very picky about his food. From the moment he smelled the package, he went nuts with excitement. He actually dug through the garbage can to get to the wrapper after devouring his sample. Will be purchasing more.

Janet Perez
Dog Food

My dogs have lost weight. At first they weren't loving it but now they eat it up quickly👍👍